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About Us

The mantra behind Raw Fit is simple "Fitness is for everyone."

When we took over the gym in September of 2019, we had a vision to build a home for fitness that was void of judgement , ego and intimidation. 

Flash forward several years and one pandemic later and you will find Raw Fit has transformed into a top notch strength and conditioning facility with high end equipment and the most welcoming staff and members you have ever met.

Drop in on any given day and you will find grandmothers, athletes, teachers, students, tall and short, big and small all working together to reach a common goal!

We have created this place for you, we are Raw Fit and fitness is for EVERYONE!

Image by Victor Freitas

Our Story

Owners and head coach Jared McDonald took over Raw Fit in September of 2019 with the goal of creating a high energy, passion filled home for fitness in the beautiful Long  Sault area.  A few short months later we faced a challenge no one could have anticipated, COVID lock downs! 

The next few years were tough but not tougher than the amazing community we had built around the gym. With the unwavering support of our members, we managed to weather the storm and come out the other side stronger than ever. 

Today we have the addition of Coach Michelle Moise. She not only bring a wealth of knowledge and passion from her career as a Registered Nurse but also might just be the most infectiously positive person you have ever met.

 Her coaching style is warm and welcoming and her knowledge of strength and conditioning is next to none!

Head coach Jared McDonald has a high energy and more intense style that will bring out the absolute best in you. Having competed in CrossFit at a high level, he knows what it takes to get results and push yourself to places you never believed possible.

Together with our amazing Raw Fit family, we truly believe we can help improve your life both physically and mentally and hope to continue to grow and support the Long Sault area for years to come.

What are you waiting for?

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